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NORTH STAR STUD Miniature Shetland Ponies with pure British Pedigree. The Stud was founded in 1988 and consists of 30 unique Miniature Shetland Ponies registered with "The Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society". Our horses has been exported to: Britain, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

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2013 31/10 The colts We will stop with the breeding and most of our ponies will be sold. Unik oppertunity to purchase ponies without faults, very high rewarded and with exeptionel pedigrees. Kilcummer Palomino Prudence is sold and has got a very good colt foal after Parlington Q. White Knight of Northstar is sold to Finland. Lilja of Northstar is sold to Denmark. 2012: 3/5 We have got 3 foals this night.  8/2 Michelle and Misty Rose pictured in November Henrietta and Honey Bee   4/10 Heaven of Northstar with a Gold Medal at the Show in Svalöv. 25/9 Gratulations to Gestuet Fliederhof for Ruby becoming a Staatspraemiestute! Lilly has been rewarded with an A for her many and good offsprings. Yesterday we were at a show with the following results: Colt foal Gold Card 39p and 1st Price. Filly Peaches 1st Price and 41p. Filly Heaven 2nd Price and 40p. A very succesful and nice day. 28/8 Lacoste 13/8 Q with grandson   3/8 Give up! 29/7 Fairyking and Rolex - You had it coming. What has he done? You´ll see soon. 22/7 Fillyfoal dam Henrietta Sire Morjoy Nickel 5/6 Fairy Gilder in May 22/5 Ruby of Northstar has been Champion in Germany! She was the best 3 year old filly at the stud book show. Proud owners are Gestuet Fliederhof. Gratulations from North Star Stud! 16/5 Lacoste presents her little colt foal, pictured 3 days old. 12/5 Michelle with her tiny filly foal, 4 days old.  9/5 Yesterday Michelle got a little beautiful piebald, becoming grey, filly foal, Sire is Morjoy Nickel. 7/5 Henrietta presents her filly foal, pictured 1 week old. 5/5 Mooove!  27/4 Henrietta has got a little skewbald !!! filly foal, Sire is Mojoy Nickel.  26/4. Palomino has got a little chestnut filly foal, Sire is Morjoy Nickel. 20/4 Lilly has got a super tiny chestnut colt foal today. Sire is Parlington Q.  17/4 Rhapsody has got a beautiful tiny bay dun colt foal today.Sire is Parlington Q. 3/4 Fairyking has been at the Stallion Show today and was rewarded 40p. We are so proud of our handsome Stallion who has that extra touch. 22/2 Our handsome little guy Lionheart has left for his new home. Big luck to him and the Jernberg family. 17/1 Lionheart and Lacoste. The year 2010 Reward: Best new licensed Stallion in South of Sweden: Fairyking of Northstar    Exported: Morjoy Nickel (Norway), Birchwood Magnolia (Finland) Breeding diplomacy: Lavendel of Northstar Champion: Fairyking of Northstar, Champion Young Stallion 41p. Stallions sold: Kilcummer Golden Breeze, Parlington Giles, Unst of Brindister, Morjoy Nickel Foals: Rosequeen, Lillyqueen, Peaches, Lady Marmalade, Lady Gilda, Lionheart, Galahad, Gladiator, Master  12/1 For sale page updated. 11/1 Palomino is also in foal. 8/1 Michelle and Lacoste are also in foal so now I am waiting to see if Glimmer and Palomino are in foal. 17/12 MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you from all of us at Northstar Stud. 7/12 Magnolia in her new 5 star home in Finland. 5/12 Today beautiful Magnolia has left for her new home in Finland. We wish Anu and Magnolia all the best and it will be very empty without her here.  24/11 Michelle. Photo from early November. Lillyqueen and Rosequeen have left for their new home. Best of luck with them. I can now feel the kicks of the new foals and will update the mares when these lucky circumstances appeares. 19/11 Lillybelle 14/11 Fairyking and White Knight. 9/11 Lady Marmalade. One of the last days on grassing. We have nice weather and lots of grass but it will be rain this weekend and before that we will take in all the ponies. 7/11 Q comes directly and he is really social. The mares goes in the opposite direction. Today has been a beautiful late autumn day and I have taken some new photos. Gratulations to little Bella-Mo who received 39p at a show yesterday for a Dutch judge. Not bad considering the points of licensed stallions, 37 and 39p. /9 Lilly. We are back home and will answer incoming mail within short. 29/7 Nickel has left for his new home in Norway. Best of luck with your new fabolous Stallion. Beautiful Saffron also has left for her new home and we wish you all the best.  18/7 Lilly Queen. Michellesson and Gilda II updated. 15/7 Morjoy Nickel is sold as well as Lill-Rhappsan and Lilly Queen. 4/7 4 fantastic ponies have been sold, Unst of Brindister, Bella-Mo, Cranford Emulsion and Fairy Guardian, all four to very good new homes by my friends. 22/6 Lilja Beautiful Lavendel is sold to Pamela in Skåne. Good Luck with my little favorite lady. 13/6 Welcome with your offers for the ponies we have for sale. 3/6 Giles has left for his new home. Best of luck with him. He has always been a pleasure to own and a great personality. 26/5 Lilly´s fillyfoal. 20/5 Lill-Nickel 8 days old and allready outstanding. 7 new photos in the gallery. Photos of the new foals within short. 17/5 Lacoste has got a litte colt foal by Morjoy Nickel. 16/5 Michelle has got a handsome colt foal, chestnut or grey, by Gloriant v d Belschuur.  13/5 Today, 3 weeks over time, Gucci got a little piebald colt foal by Morjoy Nickel. Palomino also had her foal today and it is a beautiful chestnut filly foal. 12/5 Magnolia with her little filly foal by Morjoy Nickel, 5 days old. 9/5 Glimmer with her colt foal, Sire is Morjoy Nickel. 8/5 Magnolia has got a tiny gorgeous palomino and white filly foal. 4/5 Parlington Glimmer has got a beautiful colt foal, black with 4 white socks. We are very excited as it is Morjoy Nickel´s first foal.  24/4 Today our beautiful Stallion Kilcummer Golden Breeze has left for his new home. We will be sad without him but he has got a very good new home with mares waiting. Rhapsody got a beautiful brown dun filly foal last night. 10/4 For Sale page updated. This year we will hopefully have many foals so there might be one for sale. Possible colours: Piebald, Skewbald in different colours, blue roan, palomino, black, bay and chestnut. 24/3. Two foals are born one month early but everything is normal.  7/2 Fairyking of Northstar. Champion Young Stallion with 99887=41p. We have been to a show in Astorp and we got 2 gold medalls and a Champion: Rosette 88888=40p and Fairyking 41p as above. We were the most succesful Stud with our home bred ponies.   25/1 Michelle v d Pollen The year 2009, the year of the Stallions: Rewards: Best 3-year old filly in the South of Sweden, Gucci of Northstar  New licensed Stallion: Fairyking of Northstar Purchased licensed Stallion: Morjoy Nickel Purchased Broad Mare: Michelle v d Pollen Purchased Filly: Bella-Mo v d Bosrand Exported: Ruby of Northstar (Germany) Gold medals at shows: Fairy Guardian, Lillybelle, Rosette, Fairyking, Palomino Prudence, Morjoy Nickel, Ruby, Heaven, Henrietta, Gucci Champion: Fairyking of Northstar, Champion Miniature young Stallion  Foals: Lillybelle, Fairy Guardian, Belle Rose 13/1 YANKEE V ST ANKEVEEN Sire our own MORJOY NICKEL - BEST 4-YEAR OLD STALLION ALL SIZES 2010 IN HOLLAND! This little Miniature Stallion beat all other Stallions regardless of Size at the Dutch Stallion Show. Big Gratulations to the owner Jan Bausch. We await our first foals from Nickel this season. 8/1 Fairyking and White Knight salute the new year. 27/12 Pax and Boss of Northstar enjoy their life with the Nilsson Family and we have received this card which really puts you in Christmas Spirit.  22/12 Christmas Greetings arrived from the Sven Berg family with Mimosa of Northstar and Eivor Berg. 18/12 Winter in "Skaneland". 15/12 Another son of Morjoy Nickel has passed the Stallion Inspection in Holland. It is the piebald Antoine de Boullion. Nickel now has 5 licensed Stallions in Holland an all are piebald! 10/12 Bella-Mo v d Bosrand. We have imported this little filly from Holland. Chestnut is not our favourite colour but we couldn't resist her. With our skewbald/piebald  stallions we hope for nice coloured foals in the future. 3/12 Morjoy Nickel has got 2 Champion daughters with a 1st premium in Holland. Gratulations to the owner and breeder Jan Bausch. Yes v St Ankeveen Champion Mini and Vasalis v St Ankeveen Champion Kleine Maat! 1/11 Our new Champion Miniature young Stallion, Fairyking of Northstar. Fairyking was rewarded a 9 (out of 10) on type and a 9 on Head,neck,body. 7/9 Fairyking of Northstar has passed the voluntary Stallion inspection and veterinary inspection and rewarded 40p and is now a licensed Stallion. Only 5 Miniature Stallions were passed in Sweden. 3/6  Filly foals from Rhapsody and Lilly. Rhapsody and Lilly are running with Q again.   26/5 Supernova. Today Supernova has left for his new home. Good Luck with him Maria, Mossedal Stud. You have got a real nice stallion.  25/4 Lill-Rhappsan is out for the first time 2 days old. Photo from 10/4. 20/4 A new little star is born. Dam is Allermoor Shalatain Lilly and Sire is Parlington Q. Her first day she is 55 cm high and weigt 16,7 kg. All 3 foals this year was born between 24.00-01.00. 9/4 Birling Rhapsody has given us another stunning filly foal. Born 8/4 she was 53 cm high and weigt 16,8 kg. Sire is Parlington Q. 5/4 A little chestnut colt foal is born. He is most wanted since his famous sire Fairy Gilder now is 26 year old. Dam is Kilcummer Palomino Prudence. He is 52 cm high and weight is 13,7 kg. 24/3 Gucci of Northstar receives the Honor Title "Best 3-year old filly at the breed inspection 2008" born in south of Sweden 17/3 Morjoy Nickel after his first show in Sweden with a gold medal. Our little yearling Ruby also got a gold medal and our other yearling Heaven got a silver medal. Judges were Mrs Jane Barry from UK and Mrs Annika Strindgård, Sweden. 27/2 We are proud new owners of this fabolous Stallion, Morjoy Nickel, born in Britain, which we have bought from Jan Bausch, Holland.  21/2 Winners with gold medal: Gucci 1st prize Miniature mare with 40p and Henrietta 1st prize veteran Miniature mare with 41p. 15/2 Boss has left for a new home close to us. We wish the Nilssons family good luck with him. Pictured on his first day at his new home. Showing off!